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How to improve your search ranking with social media

Just about every business these days integrate their marketing strategy with social media. But there’s fierce competition out there. While it’s true that social media marketing doesn’t directly impact search results, having a strong social media presence can certainly get you better results in terms of a higher search ranking.

But strengthening your presence in social media can be challenging, primarily because there is so much content being posted every day.

If you’re looking to improve your search ranking with social media, here’s how.

Use the right keywords

As always, keywords play a pivotal role in improving your search ranking. Using the right keywords to optimise your information sections and captions with keywords related to your industry can help users to easily find you in searches. Catching the attention of your target audience can earn you shares in blog posts, gain engagement from your followers, and ultimately, get you a higher rank in searches.

Searches on social media platforms rely heavily on your keywords’ strength. Decide which keywords you want to see higher in the ranking and place them in your social account’s “about” page and within the content of your posts. Don’t forget to place appropriate hashtags, again, with the right keywords. Google indexes individual posts on some social media platforms, so the keywords in your content show in search results independently from your website.

Create high-quality content worth sharing

Yes, we know you’ve heard it a million times before (and frequently by us), but we’ll say it again anyway. Content is king! Optimising content to ensure that it’s of the highest quality will make your social media posts worth sharing. The more shares it gets, the more chances of it ranking higher on searches.

Search engine algorithms and Google bots can detect and understand the intent and relevance of your content. Once your content spreads due to many shares because people find it valuable, it will be a lot easier for Google to place it on a higher rank in search results.

Make it easy for users to share your content

Speaking about sharing content, no matter how valuable it is, if users can’t easily share it, it won’t work on your favour. Have you noticed those social sharing icons on almost all websites these days?  They’re important and usually web developers place them in a website’s landing and blog pages. They really are a must-have if you want to get as many shares as you can for your content. Why? Because if the users want to share it, all they have to do is click any of those buttons to share it on their own social media pages, and that’s it.

Alternately, use call-to-actions on your social media posts to encourage your followers to share your posts. In a nutshell, social media buttons on your website and CTAs both on your site and social media posts are essential elements to spread your content through shares.

Optimise your images and videos

People use social media for many different reasons, but one thing is certain – images and videos grab attention more than text alone. Most marketers find this to be an excellent opportunity for transmitting their message across, and it’s the most efficient way of doing so.

People respond almost immediately to visual materials rather than text because the human brain can process it faster.  The bottom line is that you must optimise your images and videos so that your content’s popularity will increase in social media and search results. These are incredible marketing tools to improve your brand’s image (contact us for more information on these) – and an excellent brand image means you’ll always appear higher in search ranking.

Engage your followers

One of the best ways to engage your followers is to build a relationship with them through constant communication. It will help you to better understand your target audience, what their needs are, and what issues they are trying to resolve. Once they feel that you genuinely empathise with them, it will become a lot easier to get them engaged.

And don’t forget – there’s no better place to establish those connections than through social media platforms.  Step up and take the initiative to begin a conversation with your audience. You can ask them relevant questions about how they feel about your product or service, answer questions they may have posted on the platform, respond to their comments, and more. As a result, your engagement will increase, your followers will grow, and your other social media strategies will remind Google to rank your site higher in searches.

A final thought

While there are many other ways to improve your search ranking with social media, here we’ve listed what we believe to be the most crucial ones. We hope that you’ve learned a thing or two here. But if you need more help with your social media SEO and strategy or you want to have a professional social media manager, our team of experts are always available for you. Check out some of our works here or contact us for a chat about how we can help you rank higher in search results using social media.